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**Agya Koo Challenges NDC Allies to Debate on Developmental Records**

Renowned Kumawood actor Agya Koo has issued an open challenge to industry colleagues who have aligned themselves with the National Democratic Congress (NDC) to engage in a public debate on the developmental achievements of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) versus those of the NDC. Agya Koo’s call comes amid ongoing criticisms from the NDC that the NPP has failed to make significant developmental strides.

Speaking at a cultural event in Kumasi on Monday, Agya Koo expressed his disappointment with statements from certain entertainment industry figures suggesting that the NPP has done little to promote development. “It is sad to hear some of my fellow industry players, who have now joined the NDC, claim that the NPP has done nothing for Ghana. I invite them to a political debate to discuss the developmental records of our respective parties,” he declared.

Agya Koo, a staunch supporter of the NPP, highlighted various projects and initiatives undertaken by the party that he believes have positively impacted the nation. He pointed to the government’s investments in the creative arts sector, including the establishment of the Creative Arts Council and efforts to build a modern film village. “The NPP has shown commitment to our industry and beyond. We have seen initiatives aimed at boosting tourism, supporting filmmakers, and enhancing the overall cultural landscape of Ghana,” he stated.

Additionally, Agya Koo emphasized the broader achievements of the NPP administration, such as the Free Senior High School program, improvements in healthcare infrastructure, and the One District One Factory initiative. “These are not just promises but realities that have transformed lives across the country. The NPP’s dedication to education, industry, and health speaks volumes about their developmental agenda,” he added.

In response to NDC’s critiques, Agya Koo called for a constructive and fact-based discussion that would allow Ghanaians to assess the true impact of both parties’ policies and initiatives. “Let’s have an open debate where we present our facts and figures. The people deserve to know which party has genuinely advanced the nation’s development,” he urged.

The NDC has yet to formally respond to Agya Koo’s challenge. However, political observers suggest that such a debate could provide a valuable platform for both parties to outline their accomplishments and future plans, thereby informing voters ahead of the upcoming elections.

As the election season intensifies, the proposed debate on developmental records is expected to draw significant attention from the public and media alike. Agya Koo’s challenge adds a new dimension to the political discourse, highlighting the importance of tangible achievements and the need for accountability in governance.

story filed by: Nana kwaku Duah


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