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**Allow police to Arrest and Jail Land Guards, they poses as threat for National Security social commentator advise Government **


Accra, Ghana – In a decisive move aimed at safeguarding the nation’s security and upholding the rule of law, the government of Ghana has officially banned the activities of land guards. The ban comes as a response to concerns that these groups operate outside the bounds of the law, posing a significant threat to the nation’s security.

Land guards, often described as unofficial and sometimes violent groups, have been involved in various land disputes and conflicts across the country. However, Ghana’s constitution does not provide any legal framework for the existence or operation of such groups, making their actions a matter of concern for law enforcement agencies and citizens alike.

President Kwame Akufo-Addo’s government, in collaboration with relevant authorities, has taken this step to curb the activities of land guards and maintain peace and security within the nation. The ban is seen as a crucial step towards ending land-related conflicts, which have, in some instances, resulted in violence and loss of lives.

Addressing the nation, the Minister of Interior, Madam Patricia Appiagyei, stated, “The government recognizes that the activities of land guards have been a persistent threat to our nation’s security. We have a duty to protect the lives and properties of our citizens. It’s clear that the constitution does not provide any legal basis for the existence or actions of land guards, and thus, they will be banned.”

This ban is not only expected to enhance security but also promote investor confidence and economic growth. Land disputes, often fueled by the activities of land guards, have deterred potential investors and disrupted development projects in the past.

The government’s decision has garnered support from various quarters, including civil society organizations, legal experts, and concerned citizens who have long called for action against land guards.

However, it’s worth noting that while the ban on land guards is a significant step towards restoring order and security in land-related matters, effective enforcement and monitoring will be crucial to ensuring its success.

The government is expected to work closely with law enforcement agencies, traditional authorities, and relevant stakeholders to implement this ban effectively. Furthermore, public awareness campaigns will be essential to educate citizens about the ban and encourage the reporting of any suspicious activities related to land disputes.

In this pivotal moment, Ghana’s government has reaffirmed its commitment to the rule of law and the protection of its citizens, signaling its determination to bring an end to the menace of land guards and the security threats they pose to the nation.

story filed by: Nana Kwaku Duah


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