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**Bawumia: 2024 Elections Should Focus on Ideas and Policies, Not Religion or Ethnicity**

In a recent statement, Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia emphasized the importance of centering the upcoming 2024 elections on ideas and policies rather than religion or ethnicity. Speaking at a national forum on governance and democracy, Bawumia called for a shift in the political discourse, urging leaders and citizens alike to prioritize substantive issues that impact the nation’s development.

“At this critical juncture in our history, we must focus on what truly matters: the policies and ideas that will drive our country forward,” Bawumia said. “The future of Ghana depends on our ability to engage in meaningful debates about how to improve our economy, enhance education, and provide quality healthcare, rather than being distracted by divisions based on religion or ethnicity.”

Bawumia’s remarks come amid growing concerns about the potential for divisive rhetoric in the lead-up to the elections. He highlighted that Ghana’s strength lies in its diversity and that leveraging this diversity positively is crucial for national unity and progress.

“Let us remember that our diversity is a source of strength, not division,” Bawumia continued. “We must reject any attempts to use religion or ethnicity as tools for political gain. Instead, let us focus on creating inclusive policies that benefit all Ghanaians, regardless of their background.”

Political analysts have noted that Bawumia’s stance aligns with a broader call for a more issues-oriented political landscape. This approach is seen as essential for addressing the complex challenges facing Ghana, including economic growth, job creation, and infrastructure development.

In his address, Bawumia also outlined key policy areas that should dominate the electoral discourse. He stressed the need for innovative economic strategies to sustain growth, educational reforms to equip the youth for the future, and healthcare improvements to ensure accessible and quality care for all citizens.

“The 2024 elections present an opportunity for us to choose leaders based on their vision and their ability to implement policies that will improve the lives of Ghanaians,” Bawumia added. “By focusing on ideas and policies, we can ensure that our democracy continues to thrive and that our nation remains on a path to prosperity.”

Bawumia’s call has been met with support from various civic groups and political commentators who agree that an issues-based campaign will foster a more informed electorate and a more accountable government. As the election season approaches, many hope that this message will resonate across the political spectrum, setting the stage for a constructive and forward-looking national dialogue.

story filed by: Nana kwaku Duah


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