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Coup Plot Saga: Ghanaians Urged to Allow State Securities Function.

From Security Expert :

I hear some security experts are downplaying the seriousness of the coup, and hence opposing the arrest of Dr Agorzor.

Well, any security expert understands that as experts, and we do analyze every word spoken or written that is connected with the security or insecurity related issues of a state.

If you do a critical analysis of Dr Agozor’s statement, and the calibre of a person he is, I can tell you that even heaven security apparatus would detain him.

The question is how could any serious government joke with a man in uniform, snr police officer for that matter, making comments on “rebellious” Whatsapp platform that could motivate members to take the law into their hands?

What is more, he gave some money to other members of the group who wanted to demonstrate against the govt with the intention of taking over the seat of government as we have been told.

I strongly believe there are other evidence that are not in the public domain and with the little ones available for public consumption, I don’t know if some people think this is just a trivial so the government should roll “red carpet” for him for a dinner party or what ?

I think we should allow the state security apparatus to do their job.

I would be happy if Ghanaians will exercise patience with the state security (BNI) and support them to do their work without politicizing the issue.

I strongly believe after the investigations, anyone who is not culpable will be set free.

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