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“ECG Appeals to the Public: Desist from Bush Fires to Preserve Stable Power Supply”


The Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) has issued a plea to the general public, urging them to refrain from activities that contribute to bush fires as it significantly impacts the stability of power supply. The appeal comes amidst concerns about the detrimental effects of bush fires on the country’s electricity infrastructure.

In a statement released today, the ECG emphasized the direct correlation between bush fires and disruptions in the power distribution network. The company highlighted that incidents of bush fires near power lines and substations pose a serious threat to the reliability of the electrical grid.

The appeal aims to raise awareness about the collective responsibility of citizens in preventing bush fires and protecting the nation’s power infrastructure. The ECG urged communities to exercise caution during the dry season when the risk of bush fires is heightened, and to report any signs of potential fires near electrical installations promptly.

The call to action aligns with ongoing efforts to maintain a consistent and reliable power supply for Ghanaians. The ECG emphasized that preventing bush fires is not only crucial for environmental conservation but also essential for safeguarding the infrastructure that ensures stable electricity distribution across the country.

As the nation heads into the dry season, the ECG’s appeal serves as a reminder of the pivotal role citizens play in preserving the integrity of the power supply system. The success of this initiative hinges on the cooperation and vigilance of the public in mitigating the risks associated with bush fires and ensuring uninterrupted access to electricity for all.

story filed by: Nana Kwaku Duah


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