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Finance Minister Urges Government to find a reason for National Cathedral, Sparks Controversy

Title: Finance Minister Urges Government to Justify National Cathedral, Sparks Controversy

In a recent development, Hon Ken Ofori Atta, Ghana’s Finance Minister, has stirred controversy by urging the government to “find a reason” for the construction of the National Cathedral. The statement has ignited a heated debate, with a prominent social commentator accusing him of using the project as an avenue for the New Patriotic Party (NPP) to extract funds from the nation.

Hon Ken Ofori Atta’s remarks came during discussions about the ongoing construction of the National Cathedral, a project initiated by the government that has faced scrutiny for its cost and the use of public funds. The Finance Minister’s call to “find a reason” has raised eyebrows, as critics argue that the government should provide transparent justifications for such large-scale projects.

Social commentator Nana Kwaku Duah, known for his outspoken views on governance and fiscal responsibility, swiftly responded to the Finance Minister’s statement. Nana Kwaku Duah accused the government of using the National Cathedral as a means to extract financial resources from the nation, rather than focusing on more pressing national priorities.

The National Cathedral project, which aims to provide a significant religious and cultural landmark, has been a subject of debate since its inception. Critics argue that the sizable financial commitment to the project could be better allocated to address pressing issues such as healthcare, education, and infrastructure development.

The controversy surrounding the Finance Minister’s statement highlights the ongoing tension between those who support the National Cathedral project as a symbol of national identity and those who question its prioritization over other critical needs. Calls for greater transparency and accountability in the allocation of public funds continue to resonate within the public discourse.

As the debate unfolds, it remains to be seen how the government will respond to concerns raised by social commentators and citizens alike. The National Cathedral project, already a focal point of public attention, now faces renewed scrutiny following the Finance Minister’s call for the government to “find a reason” for its construction.

story filed by: Nana Kwaku Duah


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