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Former President Mahama promise his fight against corruption will cut across past and present officials

In a bold declaration, former President John Dramani Mahama has affirmed his commitment to combating corruption by emphasizing that his efforts will extend across both past and present government officials. The statement, made during a public address, underscores Mahama’s determination to address corruption comprehensively, transcending political timelines.

President Mahama outlined his vision for a unified and impartial anti-corruption campaign, emphasizing that accountability should extend to individuals who have held public office in the past. This inclusive approach aims to demonstrate a commitment to transparency and fairness in addressing corruption allegations within the political sphere.

The former president highlighted the importance of holding all officials accountable, regardless of their affiliation or the time frame during which they served. He emphasized that tackling corruption requires a systematic and unbiased effort to root out malpractices and ensure that public trust in governance is restored.

Mahama’s stance comes at a time when many nations are grappling with the persistent challenge of corruption within their political systems. His commitment to addressing the issue across different administrations reflects a recognition of the need for a sustained and non-partisan approach to tackle this pervasive problem.

As the former president pledges to extend his fight against corruption, stakeholders and citizens alike are keenly observing the implementation of concrete measures to translate these words into action. The efficacy of such an approach will likely be closely scrutinized, with expectations of a more transparent and accountable political landscape that transcends political boundaries.

story filed by: Nana Kwaku Duah


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