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Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) Boss Admits Working Past Retirement Age, Operating Without Contract Since 2021


In a surprising revelation, the Commissioner-General of the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA), Dr. Amissah Addai Owusu Amoah , has acknowledged that he has been working beyond the statutory retirement age and without a formal contract since the beginning of 2021.

During a press conference held at the GRA headquarters, Dr. Amoah disclosed that he is aware of his status and expressed a willingness to engage in a transparent dialogue regarding his continued tenure. He admitted that he surpassed the mandatory retirement age, raising questions about the legality and appropriateness of his continued leadership at the helm of the revenue collection agency.

The admission has stirred concerns among both the public and within the organization itself, prompting calls for an immediate review of the leadership structure at the GRA. Some stakeholders argue that such a revelation raises questions about the adherence to established regulations and the need for accountability in public service appointments.

According to Dr. Amoah the absence of a formal contract since the beginning of 2021 was due to administrative oversights, and he assured the public that he is committed to rectifying the situation. He expressed a willingness to work with relevant authorities to address the issues surrounding his continued service.

This revelation has sparked discussions about the need for proper oversight mechanisms and adherence to employment regulations within public institutions. The GRA, being a crucial entity responsible for revenue generation, is expected to maintain the highest standards of governance.

In response to the situation, there are calls from various quarters for an independent inquiry to investigate the circumstances surrounding Dr. Amissah Addai Owusu  AMOAH ‘s tenure and to ensure that the GRA’s leadership adheres to established legal and procedural norms.

As the story develops, attention will be focused on the actions of the GRA’s Board and relevant government authorities in addressing the situation and ensuring that the agency’s leadership structure is in full compliance with existing laws and regulations.

story filed by: Nana Kwaku Duah


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