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Hon Muntaka Raises Concerns Over the Deteriorating Quality of Education in Ghana’s Public Schools


Member of Parliament, Hon Muntaka, has brought attention to the alarming decline in the quality of education within Ghana’s public schools, asserting that they are “virtually collapsing.” His remarks, delivered during a parliamentary session, highlighted the growing trend of parents opting to send their children to private schools due to concerns about the state of public education.

Hon Muntaka expressed deep concern over the deteriorating infrastructure, inadequate resources, and overall decline in standards within the public education system. He underscored the urgency of addressing these issues to prevent a further exodus of students from public schools to private alternatives.

The parliamentarian pointed out that the phenomenon of parents choosing private schools is indicative of a lack of confidence in the public education system’s ability to provide a quality learning environment. He stressed that this growing trend could exacerbate educational inequalities and hinder social mobility for children from less affluent backgrounds.

As part of his call to action, Hon Muntaka urged the government to prioritize investments in public education, addressing infrastructure deficits, providing adequate learning materials, and improving the overall quality of teaching and learning. He emphasized that a robust public education system is crucial for the nation’s development and the empowerment of its youth.

The MP’s comments have ignited discussions both within and outside the parliamentary chambers, prompting stakeholders to reevaluate the state of education in Ghana. Concerns raised by Hon Muntaka highlight the need for comprehensive reforms and increased investments to ensure that every child, regardless of socio-economic background, has access to quality education.

As the government grapples with these challenges, the spotlight remains on the importance of safeguarding and enhancing the nation’s public education system to secure a brighter future for Ghana’s youth.

story filed by: Nana Kwaku Duah


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