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Hon. Seth Ankrah Advocates for 24-Hour Economy Amidst it’s only a Witch who will go against the policy.


In a recent address, Hon. Seth Ankrah, a prominent figure in the political arena, sparked controversy with his assertion that opposition to a 24-hour economy is synonymous with witchcraft. The statement, made during a public forum on economic policies, has drawn both criticism and support from various quarters.

Ankrah, known for his vocal advocacy on economic matters, emphasized the need for Ghana to embrace a 24-hour economy to boost productivity and foster economic growth. He argued that modern economies around the world operate around the clock, and Ghana should not be an exception.

“Anyone opposing the concept of a 24-hour economy is akin to a witch who fears the light of progress,” Ankrah proclaimed, drawing sharp reactions from critics who accused him of using inflammatory language and trivializing important policy debates.

However, amidst the backlash, some supporters of Ankrah have defended his stance, pointing to the potential benefits of a 24-hour economy, including increased employment opportunities, improved efficiency, and enhanced competitiveness on the global stage.

In response to the controversy, Ankrah clarified his remarks, stating that he meant to highlight the need for progressive thinking and openness to new ideas in shaping economic policies. He stressed that his intention was not to offend anyone but rather to provoke a constructive dialogue on the country’s economic future.

The debate surrounding the implementation of a 24-hour economy is likely to continue, with proponents and opponents presenting their respective arguments. As Ghana navigates its path towards economic development, the words of Hon. Seth Ankrah serve as a reminder of the importance of innovation and adaptability in shaping the nation’s future.

story filed by: Nana kwaku Duah


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