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Outcry Over Nutrition Standards at Agogo Presbyterian Nursing and Midwifery College Sparks Call for Health Ministry Oversight, Parents Lament for paying 1500gh as feeding fee


Parents of students attending Agogo Presbyterian Nursing and Midwifery College have raised concerns about the quality of food provided to their wards, despite the substantial fees paid for their education. The revelation has ignited a call for increased monitoring by the Ministry of Health to ensure students receive adequate and nutritious meals.

Families, who invest significantly in the education of their children at the nursing and midwifery college, express disappointment over the substandard quality of food served. Social media has become a platform for parents to share images and testimonials highlighting the disparity between the fees paid and the nutritional value of the provided meals.


In response to the growing discontent, there is a collective demand for the Ministry of Health to intervene and institute a comprehensive oversight mechanism for the college’s catering services. Concerned parents argue that the health and well-being of their children, who are pursuing careers in healthcare, should not be compromised by subpar dietary provisions.

The management of Agogo Presbyterian Nursing and Midwifery College is yet to issue an official statement in response to the allegations. However, the situation has prompted discussions on the broader issue of accountability within educational institutions, particularly those preparing future healthcare professionals.

Again the pleaded with the school authorities, the Ministry of Health and the Government to consider the hostel fees which is been paid every semester to yearly basis.

As the public awaits the official stance of both the college and the Ministry of Health, this incident underscores the need for increased scrutiny and transparency in the management of educational facilities, ensuring that the health and welfare of students are not compromised in the pursuit of academic excellence.



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