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**Peace Council Entreats Political Parties to Have Confidence and Trust in the Electoral Commission**


The National Peace Council has issued a call to all political parties in Ghana to place their confidence and trust in the Electoral Commission (EC) as the country prepares for its upcoming elections. This plea comes amid rising tensions and concerns over the integrity and fairness of the electoral process.

In a statement released on Monday, the Peace Council emphasized the importance of a transparent and credible election, urging political leaders to support the EC’s efforts to ensure a free and fair electoral process. “We entreat all political parties to have confidence in the Electoral Commission and to trust in its commitment to uphold the democratic principles that govern our nation,” the statement read.

The Peace Council highlighted the EC’s ongoing initiatives to enhance the electoral process, including the implementation of new technologies for voter registration and results transmission. They also pointed to the Commission’s efforts to engage with political stakeholders and civil society organizations to address any concerns and foster a spirit of cooperation and transparency.

“We recognize that a peaceful and credible election is the cornerstone of our democracy. It is imperative that all parties refrain from actions and rhetoric that could undermine the public’s trust in the electoral process,” said Reverend Dr. Ernest Adu-Gyamfi, Chairman of the National Peace Council. “We urge political leaders to channel their grievances through the appropriate legal frameworks and to participate constructively in dialogue with the EC.”

The Peace Council’s call comes in response to recent incidents where some political parties have expressed skepticism about the EC’s neutrality and efficiency. The Council has urged these parties to collaborate with the EC in identifying and resolving any issues, rather than resorting to inflammatory statements or actions that could escalate tensions.

As the election date approaches, the Peace Council plans to intensify its efforts to promote peace and stability, including organizing forums and workshops aimed at fostering dialogue and understanding among political actors. They also reiterated their commitment to working closely with the EC and other stakeholders to ensure that the elections are conducted in a manner that reflects the will of the people.

The Peace Council’s appeal has been met with a mixed response from political parties and the public. Some have welcomed the call for trust and cooperation, while others remain cautious, urging continued vigilance and accountability from the EC.

The success of Ghana’s upcoming elections will depend significantly on the collective efforts of the Electoral Commission, political parties, and civil society to maintain a peaceful and transparent process that upholds the country’s democratic values.

story filed by: Nana kwaku Duah


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