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Political Turbulence: Bawumia Faces Challenge as Dissent Grows within NPP


The political landscape in Ghana is witnessing a seismic shift as Vice President Bawumia finds himself at the center of a brewing storm within the New Patriotic Party (NPP). Dissent is growing, with a faction of the party boldly asserting that it’s time to “Vote him out” and predicting that under his leadership, the NPP may find itself in the opposition in the coming years.

Dubbed “The Akuffo Addo Pro Max” movement, this faction comprises influential party members who were once staunch supporters of the ruling government. Their discontent centers on a perceived divergence from the core principles they attribute to former President Akufo-Addo. The movement argues that Bawumia’s leadership style and policies have strayed from the path that garnered the NPP significant electoral victories.

The Pro Max movement, which draws its name from Akufo-Addo’s presidency being seen as the maximum expression of the party’s values, has gained traction in recent weeks. Prominent NPP figures have joined the cause, expressing concerns over Bawumia’s ability to maintain the party’s stronghold and secure victory in future elections.

While Bawumia has been an influential figure within the NPP, spearheading economic initiatives and championing digital transformation, critics within the party argue that his leadership lacks the charismatic appeal and political astuteness of his predecessor.

The call to “Vote him out” reflects a growing sentiment that a change in leadership may be necessary to rejuvenate the party and address internal divisions. Party insiders suggest that if the NPP fails to address these concerns, it could face challenges not only in the upcoming elections but also in maintaining its position as the ruling party.

Bawumia, in response to the criticism, has maintained that his focus remains on delivering on the promises made to the Ghanaian people. The Vice President expressed confidence in the NPP’s unity and dismissed suggestions that his leadership could lead the party into opposition.

As the Pro Max movement gains momentum, it sets the stage for a potentially contentious internal struggle within the NPP. The coming months will undoubtedly be critical for the party’s future, as it grapples with questions of leadership, unity, and electoral viability. Ghanaians will be watching closely to see whether the NPP can navigate these challenges and emerge stronger or if it will face a period in the political wilderness.

story filed by Nana Kwaku Duah


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