The government is behind Galamsey, Youth chief of Nzemaland claims

  Nana Kaku Anyiniah, the Youth Chief of Nzemaland, has made shocking allegations against the government, claiming its involvement in illegal mining activities, commonly known as galamsey. Anyiniah’s statement comes amid persistent concerns over the devastating environmental and social impact of galamsey operations across Ghana. According to Anyiniah, whenever illegal miners, including foreign nationals such […]

Selection of Chief Justice by Ruling Political Party in Ghana Will Always Influence Court Judgement, Social Commentator Laments.

  The recent appointment of a Chief Justice in Ghana, orchestrated by the ruling political party, has reignited debates over the independence and impartiality of the judiciary. Social commentators and legal experts have voiced concerns about the potential consequences of political interference in the selection process, emphasizing the need for a truly independent judiciary to […]

Chief Imam’s Spokesperson Urges Muslim Voters to Prioritize Politicians Committed Against LGBTQI Rights

  In a significant development, the spokesperson for Ghana’s Chief Imam has called on Muslim voters to withhold support from politicians who do not publicly commit to opposing LGBTQI rights. The influential religious leader’s representative emphasized the importance of aligning political choices with Islamic values and moral convictions. The spokesperson, during a press conference, conveyed […]

Former Chief Justice Sophia Akuffo Draws Parallel Between Lithium Lease and Colonial-Era Deals: Social Commentator Raises Concerns on Public Service

  In a thought-provoking statement, former Chief Justice Sophia Akuffo has drawn attention to what she perceives as similarities between the lithium lease and historical colonial-era agreements. The former chief justice’s comments prompt a social commentator to question the essence of public service and whether politicians are genuinely serving the interests of Ghana. Former Chief […]