Professor Mensah Criticizes Gabby Ochere Darko, Alleging Effects of Power Overreach

  Renowned academic Professor Mensah has delivered a scathing critique of Gabby Otchere Darko, a prominent political figure, suggesting that the latter’s recent actions are indicative of the negative consequences that can arise when individuals become deeply entrenched in positions of power. During a public forum, Professor Mensah remarked, “This is what happens when you […]

: Kabutey Ocansey Proposes ‘Hall of Shame’ to Condemn Corrupt Leaders

  Ghanaian activist Kabutey Ocansey has put forward a provocative proposal, suggesting the establishment of a ‘Hall of Shame’ as a symbolic burial ground for corrupt leaders. In a press conference held yesterday, Ocansey passionately argued that such a platform could serve as a public condemnation of individuals implicated in corruption scandals. During his address, […]