“Politics as a Numbers Game: NPP’s Decision to Sack Public Figures Raises Concerns for 2024 Elections, Says Social Commentator”

Headline: “Politics as a Numbers Game: NPP’s Decision to Sack Public Figures Raises Concerns for 2024 Elections, Says Social Commentator” In a critical assessment of recent developments within the New Patriotic Party (NPP), a seasoned social commentator has raised concerns about the party’s decision to part ways with key public figures, labeling it a potential […]

NDC Urged to Caution Kelvin Taylor as Criticisms Escalate: Concerns Raised Over Impact on his program in 2024 Election Prospects

  In the lead-up to the 2024 elections, concerns are mounting within the National Democratic Congress (NDC) as social commentator Kelvin Taylor’s program comes under scrutiny for its perceived divisive nature. Critics argue that Taylor’s approach, characterized by sharp critiques and personal attacks, may be doing more harm than good to the party’s image. Prominent […]

Uncharted Territory: NPP’s First-time Presentation of Perceived Weak Candidates for Flag Bearership Elections and its Impact on the 2024 Elections

  The New Patriotic Party (NPP) finds itself in uncharted territory as it presents a lineup of candidates for the flag bearership elections that some critics perceive as weaker compared to previous contenders. This unprecedented situation has sparked discussions about the potential impact and implications on the party’s prospects in the upcoming 2024 elections. Historically, […]

Social Commentator Predicts Runoff in NPP Presidential Elections: What Lies Ahead?

  As the New Patriotic Party (NPP) gears up for its internal presidential elections, a prominent social commentator has made a bold prediction that the race will result in a runoff. This forecast has sparked discussions among political enthusiasts, adding an extra layer of anticipation to the unfolding electoral process within the party. The NPP, […]

Dr. Bawumia: A Divisive Figure in NPP’s Bid to Break the Eight?

  In the lead-up to the next general elections, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) finds itself at a crossroads, with Vice President Dr. Bawumia emerging as a central figure in the party’s quest to “break the eight.” However, the growing debate surrounding Bawumia’s competence and his role in the current administration has sparked skepticism among […]

Government securing 13% Agreement on Lithium Mining Sparks Controversy as Corruption Allegations on NPP government amid 2024 Elections

Title: Scandal Unveiled: Government Denies 13% Agreement on Lithium Mining as Corruption Allegations Surface In a shocking revelation, the government vehemently denies claims of entering a 13% agreement with an Australian mining company for lithium extraction at Ewoyaa in the Central Region. The controversy surrounding the alleged deal has sparked accusations of corruption, with critics […]

NDC Odododiodio Constituency Parliamentary Candidates Vetting Unveils Dynamics with Potential Impact on 2024 Elections**

  In a bid to select its parliamentary candidate for the Odododiodio constituency, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has conducted a vetting process that has unfolded with notable dynamics. As the party navigates through this crucial phase, the implications on the NDC’s strategy and prospects in the upcoming 2024 elections are being closely scrutinized. **Vetting […]

Your deeds will judge you in 2024 Elections, if Alan’s Departure is a blessing and unity to your party as some of your officials claim, Social Commentator writes.

  In a strategic move to bolster its ranks and fortify its standing, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) finds itself in the midst of an urgent and pivotal appeal – asking Alan Kyeremanteng to reconsider his recent decision to step back from active involvement within the party. The entreaties from the NPP carry profound implications, […]