Dr. Bawumia Advocates for Optional National Service Amidst Debate on Ghana’s Future Direction

  Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia’s recent speech advocating for optional National Service has ignited a national conversation on Ghana’s socio-economic landscape and the role of leadership in shaping the country’s future. Bawumia’s proposal, which challenges the traditional notion of mandatory National Service, has prompted reflections on Ghana’s development trajectory and raised questions about the […]

Market Uncertainties Deepen as Cedi Weakens: One Dollar Now Exchanges for GH¢ 12.14

  The Ghanaian cedi is facing increased pressure as market uncertainties persist, with the exchange rate reaching GH¢ 12.14 for one US dollar. This alarming depreciation has raised concerns among both economic analysts and the general public, prompting questions about the state of Ghana’s economy and its future trajectory. The recent fluctuation in the exchange […]