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Why should I be discussing hotels when tomato prices are rising Hon. Bryan Acheampong

Honorable Bryan Acheampong, Ghana’s Minister of Food and Agriculture, expressed frustration over the ongoing discussion about hotel developments while the country grapples with rising tomato prices. Speaking at a press briefing, Acheampong emphasized the urgency of addressing agricultural issues over hospitality industry concerns.

“Why should I be discussing hotels when tomato prices are rising?” Acheampong questioned, highlighting the disconnect between public discourse and the immediate needs of the populace. His remarks come as the nation faces a significant increase in the cost of tomatoes, a staple in Ghanaian households.

Acheampong attributed the price hike to several factors, including adverse weather conditions, supply chain disruptions, and increased production costs. He stressed the need for immediate action to stabilize prices and ensure food security.

“Our focus must be on supporting our farmers, improving agricultural infrastructure, and ensuring that basic food items remain affordable for all Ghanaians,” Acheampong stated. He called for a redirection of resources and attention towards addressing these pressing issues.

The minister outlined several initiatives aimed at mitigating the impact of rising prices, including subsidies for farmers, investment in irrigation systems, and measures to reduce post-harvest losses. Acheampong also urged stakeholders to collaborate in finding sustainable solutions to enhance food production and distribution.

His comments resonate with many Ghanaians who have felt the strain of increasing food prices. Market traders and consumers alike have voiced concerns over the affordability of essential goods, calling for government intervention to alleviate the burden on households.

In contrast, the recent focus on hotel developments has drawn criticism for being out of touch with the daily struggles of ordinary citizens. Acheampong’s pointed remarks aim to redirect the national conversation towards more immediate and impactful issues.

“Tourism and hospitality are important sectors, but we must prioritize the needs of our people,” Acheampong asserted. “Ensuring that everyone has access to affordable food should be our top priority.”

As the government navigates these challenges, Acheampong’s stance underscores a broader call for policy alignment with the urgent needs of the population. The minister reaffirmed his commitment to addressing the agricultural sector’s challenges and ensuring that Ghanaians do not face undue hardship due to rising food prices.

The issue of tomato prices serves as a microcosm of the broader economic challenges facing Ghana, and Acheampong’s remarks are a reminder of the importance of aligning national priorities with the well-being of the citizenry.

story filed by: Nana kwaku Duah


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