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240 Ayalolo Buses Worth $95 Million Left Idle at Achimota Station, Raising Questions of Underutilization


Ghana’s Substantial Investment in Public Transportation Faces Scrutiny as Buses Remain Unused

In a puzzling situation that has attracted public attention and criticism, 240 Ayalolo buses, representing a significant investment of $95 million in Ghana’s public transportation, have been left idle at the Achimota Station. This has sparked concerns about the underutilization of these state-of-the-art vehicles and the efficiency of the nation’s public transportation system.


The Ayalolo Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system was introduced to address traffic congestion and improve urban mobility in Accra and other major cities. These buses, which are equipped with modern amenities and designed to provide comfortable, efficient, and eco-friendly transportation, were expected to revolutionize public transit in Ghana.

Images of buses left for rooting

However, the current state of these buses, gathering dust at the Achimota Station, has raised several questions and points of contention:

1. **Financial Investment:** Ghana’s substantial investment of $95 million in acquiring these buses has sparked concerns about their return on investment. Taxpayers and citizens are questioning the prudence of such expenditure, especially if the buses are not fulfilling their intended purpose.

2. **Underutilization:** Critics argue that the underutilization of these buses highlights a disconnect between transportation planning and execution. They contend that public transportation should be more accessible and convenient for citizens to encourage its use.

3. **Maintenance and Sustainability:** Questions have arisen about the maintenance and long-term sustainability of these buses when left unused. Some fear that the investment might go to waste if the buses are not put into regular service.

4. **Impact on Traffic Congestion:** One of the primary objectives of the BRT system was to alleviate traffic congestion. The current state of the Ayalolo buses calls into question the effectiveness of this strategy.

Officials from the Ghana Transport Ministry have acknowledged the situation and are reportedly working to address the underutilization of the Ayalolo buses. They cite operational and financial challenges as contributing factors to the current state of the transit system.

As the nation awaits a resolution to this issue, the Ayalolo buses’ idle state underscores the importance of effective planning, coordination, and implementation in ensuring that significant investments in public infrastructure translate into tangible benefits for the population. The fate of these modern buses remains a focal point of concern for citizens and policymakers alike, with hopes that they can soon fulfill their intended role in improving Ghana’s public transportation system.

story filed by: Nana Kwaku Duah


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