A Glimpse into the 2024 Ghanaian General Elections: John Mahama vs. Dr. Bawumia

  As the 2024 Ghanaian General Elections loom on the horizon, the political landscape is heating up with anticipation. The battle between former President John Mahama and Vice President Dr. Bawumia promises to be a clash of titans, each bringing a distinct track record to the forefront of the electoral arena. **John Mahama: A Legacy […]

Your deeds will judge you in 2024 Elections, if Alan’s Departure is a blessing and unity to your party as some of your officials claim, Social Commentator writes.

  In a strategic move to bolster its ranks and fortify its standing, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) finds itself in the midst of an urgent and pivotal appeal – asking Alan Kyeremanteng to reconsider his recent decision to step back from active involvement within the party. The entreaties from the NPP carry profound implications, […]

NPP’s Presidential candidates vs. John Mahama of NDC, who wins the 2024 general elections or will Ghana go for other alternates?

Title: NPP’s Presidential Candidates vs. John Mahama of NDC: Analyzing Their Chances in the 2024 Election Introduction The 2024 presidential election in Ghana is expected to be a closely watched and highly competitive contest. As the nation anticipates this pivotal event, two key figures have emerged as prominent contenders: the candidates representing the ruling New […]

2023 Limited voters’ registration exercise: Concerns

I present a point of view as an expert in biometric technology and mass registration exercise, and expose the misinformation spewed. Since 2020, the EC has not carried out any exercise to register new eligible voters. That means Ghanaians in the 18 to 21 years bracket have not had the opportunity of getting their names […]

I didn’t leak my sex tape -Moyo Lawal

The curvaceous actress who has been a subject of conversations and news headlines on both traditional and social media since yesterday following her leaked intimate video tape says she feels violated and vulnerable at the unfortunate incident. In a video posted on her Instagram page, Moyo Lawal said the incident is an invasion of her […]