“Chairman Wontumi’s Dual Stance: Respect for Otumfuo, Critique of Manhyia Palace”

  In a nuanced revelation, Chairman Wontumi, a key political figure, has declared his utmost respect for Otumfuo, the revered Ashanti king, while concurrently expressing critical sentiments towards Manhyia, the traditional seat of the Ashanti Kingdom. This dual stance has ignited discussions about the delicate balance between political expression and reverence for cultural institutions. During […]

**”Obinim Unveils Struggles: Feud with Hon. Kennedy Agyapong Takes Toll on Ministry”**

  In a recent revelation, Bishop Daniel Obinim, leader of the International God’s Way Church, opened up about the challenges stemming from his ongoing clash with Hon. Kennedy Agyapong, Member of Parliament. The escalating feud has not only captured national attention but is visibly impacting the dynamics of Bishop Obinim’s influential ministry. During a church […]

“ECG Appeals to the Public: Desist from Bush Fires to Preserve Stable Power Supply”

  The Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) has issued a plea to the general public, urging them to refrain from activities that contribute to bush fires as it significantly impacts the stability of power supply. The appeal comes amidst concerns about the detrimental effects of bush fires on the country’s electricity infrastructure. In a statement […]

Pope Francis Permits Blessing of Same-Sex Couples, Sparking Questions on LGBT Progress in Ghana, will Catholic Churches Abide social commentator quizzes

  Vatican City,  Pope Francis has taken a historic step by allowing priests to bless same-sex couples, marking a significant advance for the LGBT community within the Roman Catholic Church. While this decision has been received with applause in some quarters, social commentators in Ghana are now questioning whether a similar shift will occur within […]

Ana’s Upcoming Exposé Promises Shockwaves for Ghana and Beyond in 2024

  In a riveting turn of events, investigative journalist Ana is gearing up to unveil a groundbreaking exposé set to send shockwaves through Ghana and reverberate across the global stage in 2024. While the details of the exposé remain tightly under wraps, Ana has hinted that the revelations will challenge the status quo, exposing a […]

Ghana Tensions Escalate as Traditional Rulers Clash Over Royalty Superiority.

  In a concerning turn of events, Ghana is facing heightened tensions as traditional rulers engage in a bitter feud over the perceived superiority of their royal lineages. The clash, which initially began as a dispute over historical precedence, has now escalated, creating a potential timing bomb that demands urgent attention from national security authorities. […]