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**Controversial Statement by Fledy Blay: Citizens Declare Him “Useless” Amid his statement on Corruption is all over the world not in Ghana**


In a startling turn of events, Fledy Blay, a prominent figure in Ghanaian politics, faces widespread backlash from citizens who are now labeling him as “useless.” The uproar comes in response to Blay’s recent comment suggesting that corruption is a global issue, not exclusive to Ghana.

Citizens took to social media platforms, expressing their discontent with the hashtag #UselessFledyBlay trending as a symbol of their frustration. Critics argue that Blay’s statement diminishes the gravity of corruption within Ghana and undermines efforts to combat the issue on home turf.

Local activists and opposition leaders are capitalizing on the discontent, seizing the moment to spotlight specific instances of corruption within Ghana. The controversy has ignited a broader conversation about accountability and transparency in the country’s political landscape.

As the public outcry intensifies, the government faces growing pressure to address citizens’ concerns and take decisive action against corruption within its borders. The situation poses a significant challenge to Fledy Blay and raises questions about the government’s commitment to combating corruption on the domestic front.

story filed by: Nana Kwaku Duah


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