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Cultural Concerns Escalate as Social Commentator Denounces LGBT Advocacy: “Ghana Has a Culture and Morals to Protect” an Hon Member should reason like a human being Social commentator fires Hon. Afenyo Martins


Renowned social commentator voices strong opposition to the advocacy for LGBT rights in Ghana, citing cultural values and morals as the foundation for his disapproval. In a scathing critique, the commentator, responding to statements made by Hon. Afenyo Martins, asserts that the promotion of LGBT rights is perceived as contrary to Ghanaian cultural norms.

The commentator draws an analogy, stating that even male animals adhere to a natural order, refraining from engaging with their kind. The argument implies that embracing LGBT rights goes against not only human nature but also the deeply rooted cultural fabric of Ghana.

As the conversation around LGBT rights continues to unfold in the country, with some advocating for inclusivity and others vehemently opposing it, the clash of perspectives highlights the challenges of navigating cultural traditions and evolving social values in the modern world. The commentator’s impassioned stance adds fuel to the ongoing debate, prompting reflection on the delicate balance between cultural preservation and human rights advocacy.

As the discourse around LGBT rights intensifies in Ghana, this latest commentary contributes to a broader conversation about the clash between tradition and evolving societal norms. The implications of LGBT rights are being scrutinized not only in terms of cultural preservation but also as a litmus test for human rights and inclusivity in a changing world.

While some staunchly support the protection of cultural values, others argue that recognizing and respecting the rights of the LGBTQ+ community is an essential step towards a more inclusive and tolerant society. The nuanced implications of the ongoing debate continue to shape the national conversation around LGBT rights in Ghana.

story filed by: Nana Kwaku Duah



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