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**Ejisu By-Election Stirs Political Waves: NPP Chairman Stephen Ntim Expresses Discontent Over Aduomi’s Departure**


In the wake of the forthcoming by-election in Ejisu, political tensions have escalated as the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Chairman, Stephen Ntim, voiced his discontent over the departure of Kwabena Aduomi from the party. Aduomi’s decision to exit the NPP has sent ripples through the political landscape, prompting a reassessment of strategies ahead of the crucial by-election.

The Ejisu by-election, necessitated by the demise of the incumbent Member of Parliament, has emerged as a focal point for political maneuvering. However, Aduomi’s departure has injected an unexpected dynamic into the race, raising questions about the party’s unity and electoral prospects.

Expressing his disappointment, NPP Chairman Stephen Ntim emphasized the significance of maintaining cohesion within the party ranks, particularly during critical electoral contests. Aduomi, a former Deputy Minister for Highways under the NPP administration, cited personal reasons for his departure, but the timing has sparked speculation about underlying political motives.

The Ejisu constituency, known for its political significance within the Ashanti Region, has become a battleground for rival parties vying for supremacy. With Aduomi’s exit, the NPP faces the challenge of rallying support and preserving its stronghold in the constituency.

Political analysts suggest that Aduomi’s departure could potentially shift the electoral dynamics, opening opportunities for opposition parties to capitalize on internal dissent within the NPP. As the by-election approaches, all eyes remain fixed on Ejisu, where the outcome is poised to reverberate across the political landscape of Ghana.

story filed by: Nana kwaku Duah


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