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Electoral Commission Defends 3:00pm Poll Closure Amidst Accusations of Favoring NPP; Social Commentator Raises Concerns


Rigidity or Fair Practice? Controversy Surrounds Election Poll Closure Time in Ghana

The Electoral Commission (EC) of Ghana has found itself at the center of controversy as it justifies the decision to close election polls at 3:00 pm, with critics accusing the commission of favoring the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) government. A prominent social commentator has raised concerns, claiming that the stringent poll closure time may be a deliberate move to influence the election outcome.

In a press release, the Electoral Commission emphasized the need for a standardized and efficient election process, citing logistical considerations and the timely counting of votes as primary factors for the 3:00 pm closure. The EC contends that this measure aims to ensure a smooth and transparent electoral process.

However, a notable social commentator has expressed skepticism, arguing that the rigid poll closure time could be a strategic move to benefit the NPP government. The commentator alleges that the EC’s decision is driven by a desire to limit voter turnout and hinder those who may be unable to cast their votes later in the day, potentially favoring the ruling party.

The social commentator stated, “This seemingly arbitrary closure time raises questions about the EC’s commitment to a fair and inclusive democratic process. By restricting voting hours, there is a risk of disenfranchising certain segments of the population, potentially influencing the election outcome in favor of the ruling party.”

Critics of the EC’s decision point to the importance of flexibility in the electoral process, especially considering the varied circumstances of voters across the country. They argue that a more accommodating approach to polling hours would better serve the democratic ideals of fairness and equal representation.

As the debate intensifies, all eyes are on the Electoral Commission to provide further clarity on its decision and address the concerns raised by social commentators and citizens alike. The upcoming elections will undoubtedly be closely monitored, with the timing of poll closures becoming a focal point of discussion in the lead-up to the voting day.

story filed by: Nana Kwaku Duah


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