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Goaso Hene Expresses Tears Over Neglected Roads Impacting His Community”


In a poignant display of frustration and concern, the Chief of Goaso, known as Goaso Hene, was visibly emotional as he addressed the longstanding issue of neglected roads that are adversely affecting his community.

Tears welled up in Goaso Hene’s eyes as he spoke passionately about the deteriorating state of the roads, emphasizing the adverse impact on the daily lives of the residents. The chief highlighted that the neglected roads not only hinder local transportation but also pose challenges to economic activities and overall community well-being.

The emotional appeal from Goaso Hene comes after repeated calls for government intervention to address the road infrastructure issues in the region. The chief’s tears serve as a powerful symbol of the community’s collective frustration over what they perceive as a persistent neglect of their vital infrastructure.

As Goaso Hene sheds light on the dire situation faced by his community, local leaders and residents are rallying for urgent action to repair and upgrade the roads. The emotional plea from the chief is expected to resonate with both local and national authorities, bringing renewed attention to the critical need for infrastructure development in the area.

The incident underscores the deep connection between community leaders and the challenges faced by their constituents, emphasizing the urgency of addressing essential infrastructure concerns to enhance the quality of life for those living in Goaso and similar communities.

story filed by: Nana Kwaku Duah


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