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Government securing 13% Agreement on Lithium Mining Sparks Controversy as Corruption Allegations on NPP government amid 2024 Elections

Title: Scandal Unveiled: Government Denies 13% Agreement on Lithium Mining as Corruption Allegations Surface

In a shocking revelation, the government vehemently denies claims of entering a 13% agreement with an Australian mining company for lithium extraction at Ewoyaa in the Central Region. The controversy surrounding the alleged deal has sparked accusations of corruption, with critics asserting that politicians have allegedly siphoned off more than the reported percentage, raising concerns about the upcoming 2024 elections.

Contrary to initial reports suggesting a transparent 13% agreement, sources within the government dismiss these claims as baseless. The supposed deal, touted to benefit both the Australian mining company and the local economy, is now under intense scrutiny as accusations of corruption swirl around high-ranking officials.

Critics argue that the alleged corruption extends beyond the reported 13%, implicating government figures in what they claim is an elaborate scheme to amass funds for the upcoming elections. The political landscape is rife with speculation as citizens demand accountability and transparency from their elected representatives.

As the controversy unfolds, the government faces increasing pressure to address these allegations and provide a clear account of the mining agreement. The looming 2024 elections add an extra layer of urgency to the situation, as citizens express their disillusionment with the perceived corruption within political circles.

Calls for an independent investigation into the matter are growing, with civil society groups and opposition parties demanding a thorough examination of the alleged corruption. The outcome of this unfolding scandal has the potential to reshape public opinion and influence the political landscape leading up to the pivotal 2024 elections.

story filed by: Nana kwaku Duah


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