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Hon. Adomako Kissi Attributes Defeat to Support for ‘Ken Must Go’ Campaign


In a candid admission, Hon. Adomako Kissi, a former Member of Parliament, has revealed that his support for the ‘Ken Must Go’ campaign contributed to his defeat in the recent elections. The statement sheds light on the impact of controversial advocacy on political careers.

Kissi, who represented his constituency for multiple terms, faced unexpected defeat in the most recent elections. In a reflective interview, he acknowledged that his vocal stance in favor of the ‘Ken Must Go’ movement, which called for the removal of a prominent political figure, may have alienated some constituents and affected his electoral prospects.

The ‘Ken Must Go’ campaign, centered around calls for accountability and leadership change, generated significant debate and controversy within political circles. While garnering support from certain segments of the population, the movement also faced criticism for its confrontational approach and perceived divisiveness.

Kissi’s admission highlights the complexities of navigating political advocacy and the risks associated with aligning oneself with controversial movements. The former MP’s acknowledgment of the impact of his support for the ‘Ken Must Go’ campaign underscores the need for politicians to carefully consider the implications of their public statements and affiliations.

As Ghana’s political landscape continues to evolve, the lessons learned from Kissi’s experience serve as a reminder of the importance of strategic decision-making and maintaining connections with constituents. The defeat of a seasoned politician like Kissi underscores the unpredictable nature of electoral politics and the influence of public perception on electoral outcomes.

While Kissi’s political career may have faced a setback, his willingness to openly reflect on the reasons for his defeat provides valuable insights for future political aspirants. As Ghana moves forward, the electorate and political candidates alike are poised to engage in discussions about effective leadership, accountability, and the role of advocacy in shaping the nation’s democratic future.

story filed by: Nana Kwaku Duah


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