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“Hon Adongo Issues Apology to Harry Maguire in 2024 Budget Debate for comparing Dr Bawumia”


In a surprising turn of events during the heated 2024 Budget debate, Hon. Adongo extended a public apology to Harry Maguire, the English footballer, for a previous comparison that drew parallels between Maguire and the Vice President, Bawumia.

Adongo, a key figure in the ongoing budget discussions, expressed regret for the comparison, acknowledging that Maguire’s skills and attributes were better suited for the football field than the political arena. The initial analogy, made in reference to Vice President Bawumia, had sparked both amusement and criticism within parliamentary circles and beyond.

This unexpected apology injected a moment of levity into the serious budget deliberations, with members of parliament reacting with a mix of surprise and humor. Adongo’s willingness to admit a lapse in judgment added a humanizing touch to the proceedings, offering a brief respite from the intensity of the budget debate.

As the parliamentary session continues, this unusual incident serves as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of political discourse and the occasional need for a touch of humility amid robust discussions. The apology to Harry Maguire stands as a unique moment in the 2024 Budget debate, prompting a brief pause for reflection and amusement among lawmakers and the public alike.

story filed by: Nana Kwaku Duah


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