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Hon. Andy Appiah Kubi Voices Concerns Over Monetization of Politics, Emphasizes Need for Competence


Asante-Akim North Member of Parliament, Hon. Andy Appiah Kubi, has expressed deep dissatisfaction with the increasing trend of monetization in politics, asserting that it comes at the expense of competence and genuine public service.

In a recent interview, Hon. Appiah Kubi highlighted his concerns about the growing influence of financial resources in political campaigns, emphasizing that this shift has the potential to sideline qualified and competent individuals from participating in the political arena.

“The essence of politics is public service, and we must ensure that individuals entering politics are driven by a genuine desire to serve their constituents rather than being solely reliant on financial capabilities,” remarked Hon. Appiah Kubi.

The seasoned politician stressed that the overemphasis on financial contributions during political campaigns can lead to a situation where candidates with deep pockets gain an unfair advantage over those with a proven track record of competence and dedication to community development.

He urged fellow politicians to prioritize merit, experience, and a commitment to public welfare over excessive reliance on financial resources. “Competence should be the driving force behind political leadership. We need leaders who understand the needs of the people and possess the skills to address them effectively,” he added.

Hon. Andy Appiah Kubi further called for a collective effort to address the issue, advocating for reforms in campaign financing regulations to promote a more level playing field for all aspiring politicians.

As the debate on the monetization of politics continues, Hon. Appiah Kubi stands as a vocal advocate for restoring the focus on competence and public service in the political landscape, urging both politicians and the electorate to prioritize the greater good over financial considerations.

story filed by:Nana Kwaku Duah


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