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Hon. Muntaka’s Generosity Shines: Donates 110,000 GHS to Otumfour’s Health Projects Amid the best MP in Ashanti Region Social commentator Claims


In a commendable display of philanthropy, Hon. Muntaka, the Member of Parliament for Asawase, has made a significant contribution of 110,000 Ghanaian cedis towards the development of Otumfour’s health projects at the Komfo Anokye Hospital. This generous donation not only underscores his commitment to community welfare but also positions him as an exemplary figure in the Ashanti Region.

The funds provided by Hon. Muntaka are earmarked for initiatives aimed at enhancing healthcare facilities and services at the Komfo Anokye Hospital, a vital institution serving the health needs of the region. The Member of Parliament’s dedication to supporting such essential projects reflects his understanding of the significance of robust healthcare infrastructure in fostering the well-being of the community.

Social commentators have been quick to laud Hon. Muntaka for his proactive approach to addressing the pressing needs of the region. One prominent social commentator noted, “Hon. Muntaka’s substantial donation exemplifies his unwavering commitment to the betterment of the Ashanti Region. His support for Otumfour’s health projects sets a commendable standard for public service.”

The commendation extended to Hon. Muntaka is not only for the financial contribution but also for his proactive engagement with projects that directly impact the lives of the people he represents. As the elected representative for Asawase, Hon. Muntaka has consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of the needs of his constituents and has actively sought avenues to address them.

This latest philanthropic gesture comes as part of Hon. Muntaka’s broader commitment to community development and welfare. By actively participating in projects that align with the priorities of the region, he has solidified his standing as a public servant who goes above and beyond the call of duty.

As communities across the Ashanti Region benefit from the positive impact of Hon. Muntaka’s contributions, it becomes increasingly evident that his dedication to the well-being of the people he serves is a cornerstone of his political career. The commendations from social commentators reflect the broader sentiment that he is indeed a standout figure in the Ashanti Region’s political landscape, setting an example for others to follow.

story filed by: Nana kwaku Duah


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