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Hon. Sam George Mocks Majority After E-Levy Scrapping: “How Do You Feel After Fighting, Insulting Us”


In the wake of the Ghanaian Parliament’s decision to scrap the controversial Electronic Transaction Levy (E-Levy), Member of Parliament for Ningo Prampram, Hon. Sam George, took a jab at the majority party, mocking their stance on the contentious issue. The move comes as a culmination of heated debates and public outcry against the proposed levy, which sparked widespread criticism and opposition.

Addressing the aftermath of the E-Levy’s removal, Hon. Sam George seized the opportunity to highlight the implications of the decision on the ruling party. With a hint of sarcasm, he questioned the majority’s reaction, asking, “How do you feel after fighting, insulting us?”

The statement by Hon. Sam George encapsulates the sentiment among opposition lawmakers and critics who staunchly opposed the implementation of the E-Levy, citing its potential adverse effects on businesses and ordinary citizens. The scrapping of the levy represents a significant victory for those who rallied against its imposition, signaling a triumph for public opinion and democratic discourse.

The E-Levy, proposed by the government as a means to generate revenue and finance its ambitious development agenda, faced staunch resistance from various quarters, including civil society organizations, business associations, and opposition politicians. Critics argued that the levy would burden ordinary Ghanaians and stifle economic growth, leading to widespread protests and calls for its removal.

In the wake of Parliament’s decision to scrap the E-Levy, the ruling party now faces the task of recalibrating its fiscal policies and addressing the concerns raised by citizens and stakeholders. The episode serves as a reminder of the importance of dialogue, transparency, and responsiveness in governance, as well as the power of public engagement in shaping policy outcomes.

As Ghana navigates the post-E-Levy landscape, the mocking tone adopted by Hon. Sam George underscores the political dynamics at play and the enduring significance of accountability and representation in the democratic process.

story filed by: Nana Kwaku Duah


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