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Hon. Seth Ankrah Accuses Bawumia’s on his speeches as an Opposition leader Hungry for Power**


In a pointed critique of Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia’s recent remarks, Hon. Seth Ankrah has accused Bawumia of adopting rhetoric akin to that of an opposition figure hungry for power, rather than a sitting government official.

Ankrah’s remarks come in response to Bawumia’s statements on various political platforms, where he has been vocal about the government’s achievements and future plans. However, Ankrah argues that Bawumia’s tone and messaging resemble that of an opposition leader rather than a member of the ruling party.

“Bawumia is talking as if he is in opposition, hungry for power,” Ankrah remarked during a public address. “His rhetoric lacks the gravitas expected of a sitting Vice President, and it seems he is more focused on scoring political points than governing effectively.”

Ankrah’s criticism highlights the growing tension within Ghana’s political landscape, with opposition figures scrutinizing every statement made by government officials. As the country approaches the next election cycle, the stakes are high, and both sides are keen to gain an advantage in the public discourse.

While Bawumia’s supporters defend his assertive stance as a demonstration of strong leadership and commitment to the party’s vision, critics like Ankrah view it as divisive and counterproductive to national unity.

As political rhetoric intensifies in the lead-up to the elections, the clash between Bawumia and Ankrah underscores the polarized nature of Ghanaian politics and the challenges facing the ruling party in maintaining its grip on power.

story filed by: Nana kwaku Duah


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