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**Hon. Seth Ankrah Advocates for Leadership Change Over School Uniform Alteration**


In a bold assertion, Hon. Seth Ankrah has redirected the focus of national discourse from superficial issues to the urgent need for transformative leadership in Ghana. Ankrah’s remarks come amidst debates over proposed changes to school uniforms, with the opposition figure emphasizing the necessity of prioritizing substantive reforms over cosmetic alterations.

Addressing the media during a press briefing, Ankrah underscored the pressing challenges facing the nation, ranging from economic stagnation to social inequality, and called for a paradigm shift in governance. He criticized the government’s fixation on trivial matters such as school uniforms while overlooking systemic issues that demand immediate attention.

“Ghana does not require a change in school uniforms; it requires a change in leadership,” declared Hon. Seth Ankrah, highlighting the need for visionary leadership capable of addressing the root causes of socio-economic malaise and fostering sustainable development.

Ankrah’s advocacy for a change in leadership reflects growing discontent among citizens disillusioned by the status quo and clamoring for genuine transformation. With the 2024 elections looming on the horizon, political stakeholders are increasingly vocal in their calls for accountability, transparency, and responsive governance.

The opposition figure’s remarks resonate with many Ghanaians who view leadership as the linchpin for catalyzing progress and effecting positive change in the country. Against a backdrop of economic uncertainty and social unrest, Ankrah’s message serves as a rallying cry for a new era of inclusive governance driven by the aspirations and needs of the Ghanaian people.

As Ghana navigates the complexities of its democratic journey, the call for leadership change gains momentum, transcending partisan divides and uniting citizens in a shared quest for a brighter future. Hon. Seth Ankrah’s impassioned plea for transformative leadership underscores the imperative of bold, visionary leadership in charting a course towards prosperity, equity, and social justice for all Ghanaians.

story filed by: Nana kwaku Duah


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