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Kumasi Kejetia Market Women stage a Vigorous Demonstration Against NPP, Asserting “You Will Never Break the Eight” Slogan**


In an unexpected turn of events, market women at Kumasi’s bustling Kejetia market took to the streets in a spirited demonstration, expressing their dissatisfaction with the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the Akuffo Addo government. The protest took on a unique dimension as the women emphatically declared, “You will never break the eight,” echoing a slogan associated with the party in power.

Kumasi, renowned for its vibrant markets and dynamic political scene, witnessed a significant demonstration as Kejetia market women voiced their concerns regarding the NPP and President Nana Akuffo Addo’s administration. The “You will never break the eight” slogan, traditionally used by political parties to signify consecutive terms in office, has taken on a new twist as market women employed it in a form of protest against the ruling party.

**Key Issues Raised:**
During the demonstration, the market women highlighted a range of issues, including economic challenges, rising prices of goods, and concerns about the overall impact of government policies on their businesses. The protest became a platform for these women to express frustrations with the current state of affairs and to convey their expectations for change.

**Symbolic Use of “You Will Never Break the Eight”:**
The adoption of the “You will never break the eight” slogan by the market women carries symbolic weight. Traditionally used to express a desire for an extended period in power, the women have appropriated it to emphasize their intent to resist the NPP securing an eighth year in office. The demonstration serves as a visible expression of dissent and a call for a change in leadership.

**Impact on Political Landscape:**
The unexpected demonstration in one of Kumasi’s most vital economic hubs adds a unique layer to the political landscape. Market women, often considered a significant voting bloc, expressing discontent in such a public manner could have ripple effects on the party’s support base, potentially influencing voter sentiments in the upcoming elections.

**Government Response and Political Ramifications:**
As news of the demonstration reaches government officials, attention turns to the response from the NPP and how they will address the concerns raised by the market women. The political ramifications of this demonstration may extend beyond Kumasi, impacting the broader perception of the NPP’s governance and policies.

**The Road to the Elections:**
The demonstration underscores the significance of grassroots sentiments and the role of key demographics, like market women, in shaping political narratives. With national elections on the horizon, political parties, including the NPP, will need to navigate these sentiments carefully to secure and maintain the support of crucial voting blocs.

The Kumasi Kejetia market women’s demonstration against the NPP and the Akuffo Addo government, coupled with the use of the “You will never break the eight” slogan, introduces a compelling element into the political discourse. It emphasizes the interconnectedness of economic concerns and political decisions and signals the importance of grassroots sentiments in shaping the political landscape as the nation approaches the next election cycle.

story filed by: Nana Kwaku Duah


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