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**Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly Takes Action to Address Pragya and Aboboyaa Driver Concerns, Prioritizing Youth Employment**


In a bid to address the concerns of Pragya and Aboboyaa drivers while prioritizing youth employment, the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA) has launched a comprehensive initiative aimed at finding sustainable solutions to the challenges faced by these drivers.

Pragya and Aboboyaa drivers, who are often young individuals seeking employment opportunities, have become an essential part of Kumasi’s transportation landscape. However, they face various issues, including road safety concerns, lack of formal recognition, and potential conflicts with other road users.

The KMA, recognizing the importance of this industry in providing jobs for the youth, has initiated a multi-faceted approach to tackle these issues. Key components of this initiative include:

1. **Safety Measures:** The KMA is working in collaboration with relevant authorities to improve road safety for Pragya and Aboboyaa drivers. This includes the implementation of safety regulations and awareness campaigns to promote responsible driving.

2. **Formal Recognition:** The assembly is exploring ways to formalize the operations of Pragya and Aboboyaa drivers, which could lead to the issuance of licenses and registration. This move aims to provide drivers with a sense of legitimacy and access to essential services.

3. **Conflict Resolution:** The KMA is actively engaging with stakeholders, including drivers’ associations and other road users, to resolve conflicts and foster a harmonious coexistence on Kumasi’s roads.

4. **Youth Empowerment:** Recognizing that many young individuals depend on Pragya and Aboboyaa driving for their livelihoods, the KMA is also exploring opportunities to support youth entrepreneurship and skill development programs. This initiative will enable young people to diversify their sources of income.

5. **Environmental Considerations:** As part of a broader sustainable development approach, the KMA is looking into environmentally friendly alternatives for Pragya and Aboboyaa operations, such as electric vehicles.

The initiative has received positive feedback from both drivers and local residents. Samuel Appiah, a Pragya driver, expressed his optimism, saying, “We are pleased that the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly is taking our concerns seriously. We hope this initiative will make our work safer and more secure.”

The KMA is committed to fostering a vibrant, inclusive, and sustainable environment for Pragya and Aboboyaa drivers, recognizing their significant contribution to the local economy and the employment prospects of the youth.

This comprehensive approach not only addresses the immediate concerns of drivers but also seeks to create a conducive environment for the youth to thrive. The KMA is actively seeking input from stakeholders and the public to ensure the success of this initiative, which holds the potential to improve the lives of many young people in Kumasi.

story filed by: Nana Kwaku Duah


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