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NPP General Secretary Lawyer Justin Koduah Issues Strong Warning: “Resign if You’re Tired, Don’t Sabotage NPP”


The General Secretary of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Lawyer Justin Koduah, has issued a stern warning to party members expressing dissatisfaction, urging them to consider resigning if they find themselves disheartened rather than resorting to actions that could undermine the party’s integrity.

In a candid statement released today, Lawyer Koduah addressed concerns about internal dissent and potential sabotage within the NPP. He emphasized the importance of unity and urged party members to address grievances through proper channels rather than engaging in activities that could harm the party’s cohesion.

“We value constructive criticism, but if anyone feels fatigued or disillusioned, the honorable path is to resign and allow others to continue the party’s mission,” said Lawyer Koduah. He stressed that sabotaging the NPP’s efforts goes against the principles of the party and the collective goal of serving the nation.

The statement comes at a time when internal disagreements have been observed within the party, leading to speculation about the potential impact on its unity. Lawyer Koduah’s call for resignation as an alternative to sabotage is aimed at maintaining the party’s focus on its mission and preventing internal strife.

While the NPP General Secretary’s message has resonated with some party loyalists who view it as a call for discipline, others are questioning whether it reflects a broader concern about internal discord within the NPP. As the party grapples with these dynamics, the spotlight remains on the need for internal cohesion and adherence to the principles that define the NPP’s political identity.

story filed by: Nana Kwaku Duah


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