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Organised Labour Issues One-Week Ultimatum to Government: Withdraw VAT on Electricity for Residential Customers


In a decisive move, Organised Labour has issued a one-week ultimatum to the government, demanding the withdrawal of the Value Added Tax (VAT) on electricity for residential customers. The ultimatum comes as a response to recent increases in utility bills, particularly affecting households.

Leaders of Organised Labour, representing various trade unions, announced the ultimatum during a press conference where they expressed concern over the financial burden placed on citizens. They emphasized that the imposition of VAT on electricity for residential customers was exacerbating the economic challenges faced by the public.

“The government has one week to reconsider its decision on the VAT imposition on electricity for residential customers. Failure to do so will prompt us to take further actions to protect the interests of the working class and all citizens,” warned the leaders of Organised Labour.

The ultimatum has ignited discussions about the broader economic implications of the recent policy decision. Critics argue that such measures disproportionately affect the average citizen and may contribute to a higher cost of living.

As the clock ticks on the one-week ultimatum, both government officials and Organised Labour representatives are expected to engage in discussions to address the concerns raised. The outcome will likely have significant ramifications for the ongoing dialogue between the government and various labor groups on economic policies and their impact on the everyday lives of citizens.

story filed by: Nana Kwaku Duah


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