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**Parents Bemoan Expenses: Over 137,000 Students Fail to Report to School Under Free SHS, Citing Financial Constraints**


In a stark revelation, parents across the nation are expressing distress as more than 137,000 students reportedly fail to report to school due to financial challenges linked to the Free Senior High School (SHS) program. The concerns were highlighted in a report by Metro TV, shedding light on the strains faced by families despite the initiative’s intent to provide accessible education.

Parents, while appreciating the government’s commitment to education, lamented the “hidden costs” associated with the supposedly free program. The expenses reportedly include textbooks, uniforms, and other essential materials that place a burden on households, especially those with multiple students.

A spokesperson for concerned parents stated, “While the idea of Free SHS is commendable, the reality is that it comes with unexpected financial demands that many families simply cannot meet. This has led to a significant number of students being unable to join the academic year, causing heartbreak and anxiety among parents.”
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The revelation raises questions about the sustainability and effectiveness of the Free SHS program in truly providing accessible education. As parents voice their concerns, the government faces growing pressure to address the underlying financial challenges associated with the initiative, ensuring that education remains genuinely accessible to all students.

story filed by: Nana Kwaku Duah


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