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President John Mahama Addresses Concerns as Nurses Depart Over Unemployment and Insufficient Salaries


Former President John Mahama has voiced his concerns over the increasing departure of nurses from the country, citing unemployment and insufficient salaries as the primary reasons for their exodus. The issue has become a growing challenge for Ghana’s healthcare system, prompting calls for urgent intervention to retain skilled nursing professionals.

President Mahama, while addressing the matter, acknowledged the critical role nurses play in the healthcare sector and expressed worry about the implications of their departure on the quality of healthcare services in the country. He emphasized the need for immediate action to address the root causes of unemployment and inadequate remuneration within the nursing profession.

The former president urged the government to prioritize the welfare of healthcare workers, especially nurses, to stem the tide of emigration. He highlighted the importance of competitive salaries and improved working conditions to retain skilled professionals and ensure the sustained delivery of quality healthcare services to the Ghanaian population.

In addition to addressing salary concerns, President Mahama called for the creation of more job opportunities within the healthcare sector, emphasizing the need to absorb qualified nurses into the workforce. He suggested collaborative efforts between the government and relevant stakeholders to formulate policies that enhance the attractiveness of the nursing profession and incentivize professionals to remain in the country.

The departure of nurses has been a recurring issue, with reports indicating that many are seeking employment opportunities abroad where they believe they can secure better salaries and improved working conditions. This trend, if not addressed promptly, could result in a shortage of healthcare personnel, negatively impacting the overall health system.

President Mahama’s remarks come at a time when there is a growing public discourse on the challenges faced by healthcare workers in Ghana, and his call for urgent action is expected to fuel discussions on potential solutions to retain and motivate nursing professionals within the country. The government is yet to respond officially to these concerns, but stakeholders anticipate that the issue will gain prominence on the national agenda in the coming weeks.

story filed by: Nana Kwaku Duah


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