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Sammy Gyamfi Schooled NPP’s Denis Aboagye on Cocoa Pension Scheme.

1.You made a false claim that your government has introduced a pension scheme for cocoa farmers.

2.I corrected you by stating that it was rather the NDC/Mahama government that set aside/allocated and bequeathed to you seed funds of about GHS28 million cedis for a pension scheme for cocoa farmers.

3.You decided to call me a liar and even insulted me as being dumb. You then went on to challenge me to tell you my source of information.

4.I cited the 2020 Auditor General’s report as my source.

5.You then threw a challenge to me to point to the specific part of the Auditor General’s report which makes the said assertion. And that you will even buy airtime for me to prove my assertion or shut up forever. (See attached video)

6.True to my word, I adduced incontrovertible evidence, specifically pages 253, 254 and 255 (find attached) of the “Report of the Auditor General on the Public Accounts of Ghana- Public Boards, Corporations and Other Statutory Bodies for the year ended 31 December 2020” to buttress my factual assertion.


2020 Auditor General report

7.Instead of you to eat humble pie and do the honorable thing by apologizing for advertising your ignorance and arrogance on radio, you decided to send the grossly incompetent CEO of COCOBOD who has recklessly mismanaged and run down the once-pride of the nation to go on Asempa FM to obfuscate the issues.

8.Your CEO now decides to shift the issue from whether or not the fact of my assertion is contained in the 2020 Auditor General’s report which was the actual bone of contention, to the fact that, the said amount of money I referred to, was only a mere ledger entry on paper but that, same was not used to establish any fund.

Folks, I will ignore the ignorant but incorrigible attention-seeking arrogant noisemaker and address the ridiculous claims of the grossly incompetent CEO of COCOBOD, Joseph Boahen Aidoo.

Now for the information and free education of the grossly incompetent CEO of COCOBOD;

I) My factual assertion was to the effect that, the erstwhile NDC/Mahama government set aside/allocated and bequeathed to you, seed funds of GHS28 million for a pension scheme for cocoa farmers. (See the attached 45 seconds video).

II) The claim by the grossly incompetent CEO that the amount under reference was a mere ledger entry, betrays his understanding of what a ledger is. No wonder COCOBOD has made huge losses under his leadership for the six (6) consecutive years he has been at the helm of affairs.

III) If the said GHS28 million had not been set aside between 2013-2016 as you claim, same would not have been captured by the ledger of the company.

IV) *More importantly, the response of the Management of COCOBOD to this matter captured at paragraph 1254 of the 2020 Auditor General’s report completely belies the ridiculous claim of the grossly incompetent CEO to the effect that, the said GHS28.9 million was a mere ledger entry on paper.*

Paragraph 1254 of the 2020 Auditor General’s report states as follows;

“The amount of GHS28,898,676.88 set aside as Contributory Insurance for the period 2013 to 2016 has been included in total corporate investments. In order to ensure transparency and fairness, management of COCOBOD will ensure that a separate investment is made for the Contributory Insurance under a Fund Manager.”

V) If the said amount was a mere ledger entry as claimed by the grossly incompetent CEO, how come the Auditor General found that the amount was set aside from profits of COCOBOD between 2013-2016?

More importantly, why did the management of COCOBOD which the grossly incompetent CEO heads, tell the Auditor General that the said amount was included in the “total corporate investments” of the company? Did the management invest a mere paper as part of their total corporate investments? Ridiculous!

Now go back and do your homework!

The grossly incompetent CEO must stop the lies and resign immediately for collapsing COCOBOD. He has been totally useless so far.

source: Sammy Gyamfi’s twitter handle


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