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Show us proof from your constituency if Akuffo Addo Government is the best in Ghana’s 4th republic as you claim, social commentator challenges Hon. Collins Adomako Mensah



In a recent statement, Collins Adomako Mensah, the Member of Parliament for Afigya Kwabre-North, boldly declared that the current government has outperformed all others in the Fourth Republic. The assertion has triggered a challenge from a prominent social commentator, urging the MP to substantiate his claim, beginning with a focus on developments within his own constituency.

MP’s Bold Claim:

Addressing the media, MP Collins Adomako Mensah highlighted what he believes to be unparalleled achievements of the current government. He cited economic growth, social interventions, and infrastructural development as key indicators of success. The MP expressed confidence in the administration’s ability to deliver on its promises, asserting that the nation has witnessed significant progress under its leadership.

Social Commentator’s Challenge:

In response to the MP’s claim, a well-known social commentator has challenged Collins Adomako Mensah to provide concrete evidence of the government’s superior performance. The commentator, whose identity is yet to be disclosed, emphasized the importance of scrutinizing claims, especially when they concern the overall performance of a government. The challenge specifically calls on the MP to showcase notable developments and improvements within his Afigya Kwabre-North constituency.

Constituency Spotlight:

The social commentator’s challenge shines a spotlight on the grassroots level, urging the MP to demonstrate how the government’s policies and programs have translated into tangible benefits for the people in Afigya Kwabre-North. The call for evidence includes detailed accounts of infrastructural projects, improvements in education and healthcare, job creation initiatives, and any other areas where the MP believes the government has excelled.

Implications for Public Perception:

As the exchange between the MP and the social commentator unfolds, the public eagerly awaits a thorough examination of the government’s performance. The challenge raises questions about the verifiability of broad political claims and emphasizes the importance of accountability at both the national and constituency levels.


The dynamic between political figures and social commentators plays a crucial role in shaping public discourse. MP Collins Adomako Mensah’s claim that the current government has outperformed all others in the Fourth Republic faces a rigorous challenge, demanding a detailed account of achievements, particularly within his Afigya Kwabre-North constituency. This exchange underscores the significance of transparency and evidence-based assessments in evaluating the impact of governance on the lives of citizens.

story filed by: Nana Kwaku Duah


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