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Speaker Bagbin Advocates for Inclusion of Chiefs and Queen Mothers in Parliament: A Transformative Approach for Ghana’s Democracy and Economy


In a move that could redefine Ghana’s political landscape, Speaker of Parliament Alban Bagbin has put forward a compelling proposition: the inclusion of chiefs and queen mothers as members of Parliament. This bold idea has sparked discussions across the nation, with proponents highlighting potential benefits and impacts on Ghana’s democracy and economy.

### Strengthening Cultural Representation

One of the primary arguments in favor of including chiefs and queen mothers in Parliament is the enhancement of cultural representation. Chiefs and queen mothers play pivotal roles in traditional governance structures, acting as custodians of cultural heritage and guardians of community values. By bringing these influential figures into the political arena, Ghana could bridge the gap between traditional and modern governance, fostering a more inclusive and culturally sensitive decision-making process.

### Localized Problem Solving

Chiefs and queen mothers possess an intimate understanding of the challenges faced by their communities. Inclusion in Parliament would allow them to articulate the specific needs and concerns of their constituencies, enabling more targeted and effective policy-making. This localized approach to problem-solving could result in policies that better address the unique socio-economic issues experienced at the community level, ultimately contributing to a more equitable and responsive governance system.

### Preservation of Traditional Wisdom

Ghana’s traditional leaders are often repositories of wisdom accumulated over generations. Integrating chiefs and queen mothers into Parliament would provide a platform for the sharing of traditional knowledge, fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas between traditional and modern governance practices. This synergy could lead to innovative policy solutions that draw upon the strengths of both systems, promoting sustainable development.

### Economic Impact

The economic implications of this proposal are substantial. Chiefs and queen mothers, with their deep connections to local communities, can serve as conduits for effective implementation of development projects. Their involvement in parliamentary decision-making could expedite the allocation of resources and ensure that economic policies align with the needs of diverse communities, promoting balanced and inclusive economic growth.

### Challenges and Considerations

While the idea has gained traction, it is not without its challenges. Questions about the potential politicization of traditional roles, conflicts of interest, and ensuring gender equity among traditional representatives must be carefully addressed. Striking the right balance between tradition and modernity is a delicate task that requires thorough deliberation.

In conclusion, Speaker Bagbin’s proposal to include chiefs and queen mothers in Parliament reflects a visionary approach to governance. If carefully implemented, this initiative has the potential to enrich Ghana’s democracy by tapping into the wealth of traditional knowledge, promoting cultural representation, and fostering inclusive economic development. As discussions unfold, Ghanaians are presented with an opportunity to shape the future of their democracy by exploring innovative models of governance that honor both the past and the present.

Article filed by: Nana Kwaku Duah


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