**”Obinim Unveils Struggles: Feud with Hon. Kennedy Agyapong Takes Toll on Ministry”**

  In a recent revelation, Bishop Daniel Obinim, leader of the International God’s Way Church, opened up about the challenges stemming from his ongoing clash with Hon. Kennedy Agyapong, Member of Parliament. The escalating feud has not only captured national attention but is visibly impacting the dynamics of Bishop Obinim’s influential ministry. During a church […]

Kennedy Agyapong Drops Bombshell: Alleges $800 Million Offer from Bawumia Camp to Step Down.

  Explosive claims have surfaced in the political arena as Member of Parliament for Assin Central, Kennedy Agyapong, publicly alleges that he was offered a staggering $800 million by figures within Vice President Bawumia’s camp to step down from his political position. The shocking revelation has ignited speculation about potential implications for the upcoming elections, […]

Allegations of Bribery Surface in Special Delegate Elections: Dare me I will Expose Executives who took money to Vote in Special Delegates Elections, Hon Kennedy Agyapong Vows.

  In a startling turn of events, allegations of bribery have emerged surrounding the special delegate elections, with Hon Kennedy Agyapong threatening to expose executives involved. The controversial Ghanaian politician claims to possess evidence of illicit transactions aimed at influencing the outcome of the crucial elections. Hon Kennedy Agyapong, known for his outspoken nature, took […]

Kennedy Agyapong Alleges Government and NPP Officials Involved in Galamsey; Raises Questions on Professor Frimpong Boateng’s Exposé**

  In a startling revelation, Hon. Kennedy Agyapong has accused government and NPP officials of involvement in illegal mining, popularly known as “galamsey.” This accusation has ignited discussions about the credibility of similar claims made earlier by Professor Frimpong Boateng, adding a new layer of complexity to the ongoing debate on illegal mining practices in […]

Controversy Surrounds Hon. Kennedy Agyapong’s Candidacy Amidst Social Commentator’s Questioning**

    In a surprising turn of events, the announcement of Hon. Kennedy Agyapong’s candidacy under the NPP party has ignited controversy, with a prominent social commentator questioning the rationale behind supporting candidates affiliated with President Akuffo Addo’s government. Renowned for his outspoken nature, Hon. Kennedy Agyapong faces skepticism from some Ghanaians who are increasingly […]

Kennedy Agyapong’s Potential Partnership with Alan Kyeremanteng: Impact on the NPP’s 2024 Electoral Prospects

  Introduction: The intricate dynamics within the New Patriotic Party (NPP) are once again in the spotlight as reports circulate about a potential alliance between Kennedy Agyapong and Alan Kyeremanteng. This speculative partnership gains significance against the backdrop of internal party primaries, where delegates wield significant influence. In this article, we explore the potential impact […]

NPP Navigates Dilemmas: Can Unity Prevail for Success in 2024?

  The New Patriotic Party (NPP) finds itself at a crossroads as internal dynamics among key figures, namely Kennedy Agyapong, Vice President Bawumia, and Chairman Wontumi, raise concerns about party unity. With the upcoming November 4th elections looming, the question on everyone’s mind is how the party can come together to secure victory in the […]

Wontumi Issues Legal Warning to Kennedy Agyapong Amidst Alleged Threats

  Tensions escalated today as Chairman Wontumi, a key figure in [relevant field], issued a stern warning directed at Kennedy Agyapong during a press conference. “I will have you arrested, Kennedy Agyapong, if you threaten me again,” declared Chairman Wontumi, addressing the media and the public. The statement comes in response to what Chairman Wontumi […]