IMF Warns Ghana Government Against Imposing Import Restrictions

  The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has issued a cautionary message to the Ghanaian government, advising against the imposition of restrictions on imports. This warning comes amid concerns about the economic impact of potential measures that could limit the flow of goods into the country. The IMF’s stance was articulated during a meeting with Ghanaian […]

Ghana Tensions Escalate as Traditional Rulers Clash Over Royalty Superiority.

  In a concerning turn of events, Ghana is facing heightened tensions as traditional rulers engage in a bitter feud over the perceived superiority of their royal lineages. The clash, which initially began as a dispute over historical precedence, has now escalated, creating a potential timing bomb that demands urgent attention from national security authorities. […]

“Ghana’s $6 Billion Loss in Oil Corporate Taxes: IMF Conditionalities and Foreign Investment Incentives Under Scrutiny

  Accusations have surfaced regarding Ghana’s staggering $6 billion loss in oil corporate taxes, with the blame placed on International Monetary Fund (IMF) conditionalities and perceived incentives aimed at attracting foreign investment. Detailed evidence has emerged, shedding light on the intricate web of policies contributing to this substantial financial setback. The IMF’s Conditionalities: Sources within […]

Cultural Concerns Escalate as Social Commentator Denounces LGBT Advocacy: “Ghana Has a Culture and Morals to Protect” an Hon Member should reason like a human being Social commentator fires Hon. Afenyo Martins

  Renowned social commentator voices strong opposition to the advocacy for LGBT rights in Ghana, citing cultural values and morals as the foundation for his disapproval. In a scathing critique, the commentator, responding to statements made by Hon. Afenyo Martins, asserts that the promotion of LGBT rights is perceived as contrary to Ghanaian cultural norms. […]

Dr. Bawumia Announces Revolutionary Plan: Ghanaians to Use Ghana Cards for Car Credit Purchases

  In a groundbreaking announcement, Vice President Dr. Bawumia has unveiled plans for Ghanaians to use their Ghana Cards to purchase cars on credit in the near future. The initiative aims to streamline the process of acquiring vehicles, leveraging the national identification system to facilitate credit transactions. While the announcement has sparked optimism about increased […]

Market Uncertainties Deepen as Cedi Weakens: One Dollar Now Exchanges for GH¢ 12.14

  The Ghanaian cedi is facing increased pressure as market uncertainties persist, with the exchange rate reaching GH¢ 12.14 for one US dollar. This alarming depreciation has raised concerns among both economic analysts and the general public, prompting questions about the state of Ghana’s economy and its future trajectory. The recent fluctuation in the exchange […]

We want a President, not a religious leader Rev. Dr. Lawrence Tetteh Fires

In a recent public address, Reverend Dr. Lawrence Tetteh, a prominent religious figure, made a bold statement, asserting that the public’s priority should be electing a president, not a religious leader. Dr. Tetteh, known for his influential role in spiritual matters, urged citizens to focus on leadership qualities beyond religious affiliations. “Let us prioritize electing […]

Oppong Nkrumah, Ghana’s Information Minister, Advocates Beyond IMF Transaction for Economic Stability”

  In a recent address, Ghana’s Information Minister, Oppong Nkrumah, articulated a nuanced perspective on the role of IMF transactions in addressing the nation’s economic challenges. While acknowledging the potential benefits of international financial assistance, Nkrumah stressed that relying solely on such transactions is not a comprehensive solution to the complex issues facing the country. […]