Professor Mensah Criticizes Gabby Ochere Darko, Alleging Effects of Power Overreach

  Renowned academic Professor Mensah has delivered a scathing critique of Gabby Otchere Darko, a prominent political figure, suggesting that the latter’s recent actions are indicative of the negative consequences that can arise when individuals become deeply entrenched in positions of power. During a public forum, Professor Mensah remarked, “This is what happens when you […]

Prof Antwi Raises Concerns: Suggests Political Interference in Cecilia Dapaah’s Case at the OSP

  In a thought-provoking statement, Professor Emmanuel Antwi, an astute political analyst, has voiced his apprehensions regarding the Office of the Special Prosecutor’s (OSP) handling of the Cecilia Dapaah case. Prof Antwi hinted at potential political interference, suggesting that the heavy hands behind the scenes may be impeding the progress of the investigation. During an […]

Prof Bokpin Denounces Government’s Tax Increases as State-Sponsored Robbery on JoyNews Channel

  In a candid interview on JoyNews Channel, renowned economist Professor Godfred Bokpin minced no words as he characterized the recent government tax hikes as nothing short of “state-sponsored robbery,” igniting a heated debate on fiscal policies. During the interview, Prof Bokpin articulated his concerns about the implications of the government’s decision to increase taxes, […]