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That propaganda must stop! You didn’t inherit a mess; you inherited an economy that was doing well – John Mahama to the NPP Government

Former President John Mahama has issued a stern rebuke to the current government, denouncing what he characterizes as propaganda aimed at undermining his administration’s economic legacy. In a passionate address, Mahama refuted claims that he left behind a troubled economy, asserting that his successor inherited a nation on the path to prosperity.

Mahama’s remarks come amidst ongoing political discourse surrounding the state of Ghana’s economy and the performance of successive administrations. The former president’s defense of his economic record seeks to counter the narrative propagated by the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), which has frequently cited inherited challenges as justification for policy decisions.

“That propaganda must stop! You didn’t inherit a mess; you inherited an economy that was doing well,” Mahama asserted, challenging the NPP government to acknowledge the progress achieved during his tenure and address the realities of the economic landscape.

Mahama highlighted various indicators of economic growth and development during his presidency, including improvements in GDP growth, infrastructure development, and social welfare programs. He emphasized the importance of truthfulness and accountability in political discourse, urging the government to refrain from misleading the public for political gain.

The former president’s comments have reignited debates over the interpretation of economic data and the legacy of past administrations. While supporters of Mahama applaud his defense of his tenure, critics argue that challenges such as high public debt and fiscal deficits persist despite past achievements.

As Ghana navigates the complexities of its economic landscape, the clash of narratives between political parties underscores the importance of informed and transparent dialogue. Mahama’s forceful rejection of perceived propaganda serves as a reminder of the role of truth and accountability in shaping public perception and policy decisions.

With the nation’s economic future at stake, the discourse initiated by Mahama’s remarks is expected to continue, with both sides of the political spectrum vying to shape the narrative surrounding Ghana’s economic trajectory and the legacy of past administrations.

story filed by: Nana Kwaku Duah


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