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Your 20% ‘Akonfem mathematics’ can’t be equated to my 70% digitalization efforts vice president Bawumia jabs Mahama

In a recent speech addressing a crowd of supporters, Vice President Bawumia took a jab at former President Mahama, highlighting the disparities between their respective initiatives in mathematics education and digitalization efforts. Bawumia’s remarks centered on the comparison between the government’s ‘Akonfem mathematics’ program, which he claimed has achieved a 20% improvement in math education, and his administration’s digitalization efforts, which he asserted have reached a 70% success rate.

The ‘Akonfem mathematics’ initiative, launched by the current government, aims to enhance math education in Ghana by introducing innovative teaching methods and resources to improve students’ learning outcomes. Bawumia touted the program as a significant achievement that has had a measurable impact on the educational landscape in the country. He emphasized the importance of equipping students with strong math skills to prepare them for future success in a rapidly evolving world.

On the other hand, Bawumia criticized Mahama’s digitalization efforts, arguing that they have not met the same level of success as the current government’s initiatives. While acknowledging that progress has been made in digitizing certain services under Mahama’s administration, Bawumia suggested that the overall impact has been limited in comparison. He stressed the need for a comprehensive and effective digitalization strategy to drive innovation, economic growth, and improve service delivery to citizens.

The Vice President’s comments have sparked a debate among political analysts and commentators, with some questioning the validity of his comparisons and the underlying motivations behind his statements. Critics of Bawumia argue that the 20% versus 70% comparison oversimplifies the complexities of measuring success in education and digitalization efforts. They point out that the impact of these initiatives cannot be accurately quantified using such broad metrics and that a more nuanced evaluation is needed to assess their effectiveness.

Supporters of Bawumia, however, applaud his efforts to highlight the government’s achievements in education and digital transformation, viewing his comments as a demonstration of the administration’s commitment to driving progress in key areas of development. They believe that Bawumia’s remarks serve as a reminder of the importance of investing in education and technology to secure Ghana’s future prosperity and competitiveness on the global stage.

As the political discourse continues to unfold, it remains to be seen how Bawumia’s comments will shape the narrative surrounding education and digitalization in Ghana. With both initiatives playing crucial roles in the country’s development agenda, the debate spurred by the Vice President’s remarks underscores the importance of robust and effective policies to drive sustainable growth and progress for all citizens.

story filed by: Nana kwaku Duah


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