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“Controversy Deepens: Bawumia Accused of Misrepresentation as Bus Monitoring Software Originates from China”

When I first saw the picture yesterday, I decided to zoom in to see if I could see the IP address of Bawumia’s Bus Monitoring system, which was launched yesterday. Fortunately for me, the cameraman captured the IP address (, allowing me to see.

The next step was for me to determine if the IP address was public or private. Luckily, it was a public IP address. I checked it again and discovered that the IP address and everything else were from China (hosting, etc.).

I was curious, so I called my friend, who was previously using the same CCTV for his Uber because I configured it for him. EXPOSED !!! It is the same software. Herrrrrrh Bawumia.

This is a plug-and-play software that can be purchased and used for CCTV monitoring. However, Bawumia launched it yesterday, claiming that it was developed in Ghana.

So a whole country, Ghana, with its national security apparatus and intelligence, sat down to allow Bawumia to commission such a system without first addressing the underlying security concerns about the vehicle monitoring system?

This software is hosted in China and is available for purchase by anyone who can afford the hardware (cctv) it powers. My concern is whether we are now entrusting our safety to the Chinese.

Consider China’s mass surveillance and human rights violations. Anyone who boards the new bus is automatically monitored by CCTV, and their facial images are sent directly to Chinese servers. We do not know what the retention policy is with these companies. Data privacy concerns? Just to name a few.

Did the data protection authority conduct due diligence prior to commissioning, or was commissioning rushed to score cheap political points?
The raw IP address of the vehicle monitoring software is publicly available online with a quick search.

The next step is to try and enter the system and show you all the images and live video.

source: yayrakoku twitter page


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