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Ghana’s New Finance Minister Vows to Root Out Corruption, Plans Port Visit


In a bold move to combat corruption and streamline financial operations, Ghana’s newly appointed Finance Minister, has announced plans to personally visit the country’s ports to root out corrupt activities. Speaking at a press conference held at the Ministry of Finance headquarters in Accra, Minister Osei emphasized his commitment to transparency and accountability in government operations.

“I will soon visit ports to weed out corrupt activities,” the minister declared, setting a strong tone for his tenure in office. The decision to focus on port inspections underscores the government’s determination to tackle one of the most pervasive sources of corruption in the country’s economic infrastructure.

Ghana’s ports have long been plagued by reports of irregularities, bribery, and inefficiencies, hindering the nation’s economic growth and development. The Minister proactive approach signals a departure from previous administrations’ handling of corruption allegations, signaling a zero-tolerance stance on malfeasance.

“We cannot afford to turn a blind eye to corruption any longer,” the Minister asserted, outlining his strategy to implement stringent oversight measures and hold accountable those found engaging in illicit activities. He stressed the importance of fostering a culture of integrity and ethical conduct within Ghana’s financial institutions to restore public trust and attract investment.

The announcement has been met with widespread support from civil society organizations, business leaders, and the general public, who view the Minister initiative as a positive step towards combating corruption and promoting economic prosperity.

As the Minister prepares to embark on his port visits, anticipation is high for the outcomes of his inspections and the subsequent actions that will be taken to address any identified issues. With corruption being a persistent challenge in many developing nations, Ghana’s proactive approach under the newly appointed finance Minister  leadership serves as a beacon of hope for a brighter, more transparent future.

story filed by: Nana Kwaku Duah


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